Welcome to My Web Site

Welcome to my personal Web Site.
I'm a high school teacher in applied computer science since 1987.
In 2008, I graduated from the University of Venice with a degree in computer science, full marks with honors .
After several years at ITIS "C.Zuccante" in Venice I decided to start over. My work location is "I,I.S. "Levi-Ponti".
I teach computer programming, newtwork planning and programming, operating system, database system design and web developing.
My goal in teaching is mobile application development (Android, iOS and Windows Phone).


Some of my travel photos from my round the world trips. A simple example of an image gallery using open source web based photo album organizer (Gallery).


Moodle is the Learning Management System (LMS) that i use in class.Some resources are not public: registration is required.